Professional Services

Enterprise Applications Development

Our focus is on your solutions that meet your needs. Understanding your business helps us apply our broad business analysis skills to marry business requirements with the appropriate technology. Projects have ranged from multinational systems deployed to business partners around the globe to systems used by single departments.

In these projects we have used our extensive knowledge of database systems, together with experience of object oriented systems development and process workflow, to develop systems that are both flexible and extensible.


Enterprise Process & Productivity Solutions

All companies face the constant challenge of managing evolution and growth. Making sure you have continuity of business processes and maximum productivity across your organization demands you utilize best of breed tools in your business and take the time to make sure your staff are well trained and well managed towards maximum productivity in the workplace.

Tartan specializes in looking for companies and products that can help make a difference in this critical area of business. We help bring these products to market, offering business development and consulting services to improve business efficiency.


Clients & Vertical Markets

Founded in 1995, we’ve lived through quite a bit of change in Silicon Valley, and worked with clients large and small; from the largest global multinational to the fast-paced start-ups that fuel so much of the culture and innovation that makes the Valley what it is. Some of our clients include:

Concert, BT, AT&T, MCI, Bell Canada, Lucent, Nextel

Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, Lloyds

Sun Microsystems, HP, Philips Semiconductors, C-Cube, Extended Systems

Sun, Lucent, C-Cube

Others include
Microsoft, 3 Com, Janus, Cisco, Business Objects, Manage.Com, Schoolpop, CasioSoft, Miller Freeman, Plantronics, Mattel, Site Metrics, Network Appliance, B2B net markets, WebHubs, eHealthInsurance